We got back from a lovely family holiday in Shropshire yesterday. The weather was lovely for the most part and we were staying in a massive converted barn. Unfortunately after a long day walking around Chester zoo, my phantom foot ailment flared up again so we were limited with our plans for the remainder of the holiday due to my limited mobility.

Lack of mobility did mean I spent more time sat around doodling though and inspiring myself to think up new projects.

As I have finished my existing house, I decided to sketch out a slightly larger one. As well as a church building.


Below is a slightly more detailed plan if the house.


And finally some steam punk tank designs.



Friday Night Terrain



I thought I’d continue my brief spurt of enthusiasm for finishing off existing pieces and focus upon a couple more of my todo list of terrain. I managed to finished my hill, exciting I know, I showed it to the wife and she was all like, “OMG, that’s amazing, it totally looks like a hill”. I’ve also started to basecoat my watchtower, which I received for my birthday, in April , so a 2 month delay ain’t all the bad in the scale of things.


Game of Thrones

On wednesday night we had a 3 player game of the Game of Thrones board game (2nd Ed). This was my second playthrough of the game, and we managed to grasp all of the rules this time (such as mustering with a starred consolidate power). Add to that the westeros cards were a lot nicer with a fair few musters being triggered there, unlike the previous game which seemed to just be supply and dudd cards.

I played House Baratheon, and in an early play attempted to sail up the east coast to get access to the territories that way. House Stark put a quick stop to that though, and I never really tried to push that any further. Cue a few rounds of all 3 houses claiming nearby territories and me striking up an uneasy alliance with House Lannister (you can never trust those dirty lannister’s). The truce was broken though when lannister placed a march +1 order down on the border next to my region, a clear declaration of intent. Thankfully I had the first turn, so immediately destroyed that unit. While this was occuring, house stark made incursions into the eyrie and took out some of my units there.

Game of Thrones

Lannister was my saviour in the end though, as they pushed into stark lands, forcing the troops in the eyrie to head home and reclaim territories which in turn removed the threat from my eastern flank. It was neck or neck at this point, with 6 victories for myself and stark. The push north from lannister though had weakened their defences, so I decided to load up on siege engines and push for lanisport, taking it easily and winning the game.

Overall, this was potentially one of the best most fraught boardgames i’ve played in a long time, and had a superb time playing it. More please!

Warhammer House

I’ve finally finished one of my pieces of terrain for Warhammer. This has been in the works for a long time now as I seem to work on it every few months. It’s built with foamcore, balsa wood and foamcore for the walls. The base is a piece of mdf. Overall i’ve been working on this for over a year now, because i keep leaving it for months at a time between stages.

Lord Curr’s Company, the Game!

Lord Curr's Company in Battle

We had our first game tonight and it was a rather entertaining jaunt. It was up against Scotland yard, and we played the catch the pigeon scenario which Lord Curr managed to win it, even though the company was down to 3 men by the end! (from 9) It was pure luck that the pigeon sauntered 8″ towards my company in its first movement, and I legged it off the board with it in my 3rd turn.

I found it very difficult to hit any of the incoming scotland yard in the first few turns, due to running/moving penalties and a lot of hard cover, so I rather rashly decided after I had nabbed the pigeon to run headlong into combat. Which if anyone’s read the stats of the two companies, that is not going to favour curr in any way whatsoever! My only saving grace was Mohan Singh, who annihilated the consulting detective with his +6 FV, a satisfying victory as I had been targeting him with shooting to no avail.

I look forward to a rematch, although I don’t know what I’ll be up against next time as it was entirely a proxy match on Andy’s behalf.

Lord Curr’s Company, Day 5

Well, it’s the final day’s painting, and I’m happy to say challenge complete. At least in my arbitrary definition of what’s complete anyway! There is still work to do on the highlights, mainly for Lord Curr himself and Felicity, but the majority of the work is now done and they are most definitely tabletop ready. I need to decide if I want to add eye’s to the minis yet – I’m edging towards not because they’ll inevitably look crap and googly eyed.

I’ve had a great time painting these figures, and I’ve learnt a lot in the process having rarely painted living human’s before, let alone an indian. I used the nice tutorial at a Anatoli’s to give me an idea on how to do it and I’m pretty happy with it, though I could probably bring it up a touch lighter.

As per usual, my clean up process needs more work and MUCH more patience. There was quite a lot of clean-up I missed on the minis, and there are mould lines through some of the more prominent places on the figures which drives me insane, yet somehow I never manage to get it right.

I’ll post some final pictures in a few day’s once I’ve finalised the miniatures.

Lord Curr’s Company, Day 4

A quick one tonight just to log progress. Finished base coating all figures tonight and started on the washes.  I decided gold for the arc weapons was ugly as hell, so went for a brass colour instead, looks much better and I have a newer paint in that shade so it flowed better. I should hopefully get an hour before work tomorrow and some time at lunch to finish off the washes, which leaves me with tomorrow night to get the highlights done – of which I’ll start on the unwashed colours such as Singh’s Skin and Felicity’s coat/skirt.

I don’t think I’m going to be 100% finished on the painting for the game Tuesday night, but they will definitely be table worthy, so I’ll count that as mission complete.