Green Stuff

Tonight’s work was prepping a bunch of the new mini’s I’ve got for priming. That involves the dreaded green stuff which I really just can’t get the hang of. I’ve watched tutorials and people always make it look really easy but I struggle everytime!


Anyway, I’ve been tidying some squigg hoppers bases and patching up my giant. In the process I managed to break one of the squig hoppers off the base, which made the process of filling it a lot easier, but now I have to pin the bleeding thing, dammit. As you can see in the photos on the far right, the guy is not looking his best. Say hi to mr pickles btw, he’s the google eyed dog next to the necromancer (completely unrelated to warhammer).


I imagine the breakage could be put down to the fact I’m enjoying some rather fine ale tonight and may not have my full faculties.


In other news, I may have ordered myself Lord Curr’s Warband for In Her Majesty’s Name, just in time for a game in a week or so, whoooooo, exciting. I wonder if I can paint them in time…


3 thoughts on “Green Stuff

  1. Well they will be better then my company which will be completely proxied.
    Also my top tip for green stuff is keep it very very wet.

    Love the fanatic with the cow

  2. Oh and also are there any interesting bits left over from the giant that I can nick?

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