A Proxy Night of Bolt Action

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get a war-game in, but last night it was round to Andy’s and a proxy game of Bolt Action. We’ve both had the rulebooks a while now, and have already had a blast playing a proxy game previously with just infantry, but it was time to try out some of the vehicles before deciding on whether to go ahead and get an army. My german force was proxied by the tau empire, and the russians were played by the imperial guard, a relatively good fit! As it’s been a while we were a little rusty on the rules, so we spent a lot of time referring back to the rulebook to see if we were doing things correctly, and as we were taking transports/at guns and tanks into the fray this time, that just compounded the amount of rule referral needed.

Anyway, long story short – My tank was blown up on andy’s first go, infantry didn’t have a huge amount of combat, and I accidentally towed my AT gun AND transported troops in the hanomag. As much as I like tanks, I’m not sure bolt action is really good for them – the infantry game was by far superior.

I’m still keen to look into a bolt action army, but I will attempt to finish my VC army first.


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