Lord Curr’s Company, Day 3

Well I’ve not given in yet, that’s good news. Although I did feel rather unwell at one point tonight so had to have a lie down, thankfully I rallied and continued the painting. I’d been ignoring the main characters for the last two nights as I wanted to get a feel for how the colours I was using were working on the incorrigibles, but tonight I’ve managed to lay down base coats on all the main characters. Singh still has some work to do, and the gun on Curr needs painting too but I’ve been having problems with my gold paint having dried up, so its not going down very well and I don’t want to ruin his gun.

Something I’ve started using as of last night, that I have never tried before is a wet palette. I wasn’t entirely sure it would give me any benefit, but after trying it now I’ve found it to be a tremendous help as my paints stay wet for much *much* longer and it means switching between colours is so much easier. Youtube has a tonne of videos on how to make them.


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