Lord Curr’s Company, Day 5

Well, it’s the final day’s painting, and I’m happy to say challenge complete. At least in my arbitrary definition of what’s complete anyway! There is still work to do on the highlights, mainly for Lord Curr himself and Felicity, but the majority of the work is now done and they are most definitely tabletop ready. I need to decide if I want to add eye’s to the minis yet – I’m edging towards not because they’ll inevitably look crap and googly eyed.

I’ve had a great time painting these figures, and I’ve learnt a lot in the process having rarely painted living human’s before, let alone an indian. I used the nice tutorial at a Anatoli’s to give me an idea on how to do it and I’m pretty happy with it, though I could probably bring it up a touch lighter.

As per usual, my clean up process needs more work and MUCH more patience. There was quite a lot of clean-up I missed on the minis, and there are mould lines through some of the more prominent places on the figures which drives me insane, yet somehow I never manage to get it right.

I’ll post some final pictures in a few day’s once I’ve finalised the miniatures.


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