Lord Curr’s Company, the Game!

Lord Curr's Company in Battle

We had our first game tonight and it was a rather entertaining jaunt. It was up against Scotland yard, and we played the catch the pigeon scenario which Lord Curr managed to win it, even though the company was down to 3 men by the end! (from 9) It was pure luck that the pigeon sauntered 8″ towards my company in its first movement, and I legged it off the board with it in my 3rd turn.

I found it very difficult to hit any of the incoming scotland yard in the first few turns, due to running/moving penalties and a lot of hard cover, so I rather rashly decided after I had nabbed the pigeon to run headlong into combat. Which if anyone’s read the stats of the two companies, that is not going to favour curr in any way whatsoever! My only saving grace was Mohan Singh, who annihilated the consulting detective with his +6 FV, a satisfying victory as I had been targeting him with shooting to no avail.

I look forward to a rematch, although I don’t know what I’ll be up against next time as it was entirely a proxy match on Andy’s behalf.


2 thoughts on “Lord Curr’s Company, the Game!

  1. It’s good to see another player of the game! I picked up my copy of the book a few days ago and using some random minis had a couple of games with some friends. I thought it was pretty good fun to play. Love the company!

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