Church: Day 6

The wife is away in London tonight, it’s a work trip but she’s managed to blag tickets for Spamalot too, so I’m extremely jealous. It does mean however that I spent all night in the basement working on the church. I started off with finishing the end of the roof – at least for the interior, I need to decide on how I want to cover it, probably individually cut slates, I’m just putting off the tedium of it by procrastinating.

The aisle was next, originally I was going to attempt to mould this out of the putty like I did on the raised area, but I wanted to have it clear enough to paint a pattern on, so decided in the end to score some plasticard with the hatchings. This was then roughed up slightly with a stone, and I will probably apply some goop to it to fill in some of the gaps. The areas either side will likely be putty as these will just be large stone tiles with benches on.

Finally I started on putting putty on the walls of the church, this is the first time I’ve done something like this so I was a little nervous about doing it, but the putty is extremely forgiving so I just kept building it up with little discs, then smoothed it down. Theres a lot of church to go though, the bit you see took approx 40-60mins, so I estimate theres some 4-5hours worth of putty work to finish off the church, especially as I want to add in some frames around the windows.


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