Church: Day 7 & 8

Yesterday I spent time finishing off the floor of the church, doing the stone tiling in sections. Today, after deciding that trying to get the church body flush with the base as it stands with all the lumps and bumps of the tiles was going to be a difficult task. So I decided to create a stone plinth on which to place the church, the benefits of this being that I have a pretty flat surface to put the church on, as well as it giving more depth to the interior/exterior with the ledge around all the walls.

I wanted to ensure I got a uniform height throughout, and having worked with the clay for a few days now I knew I couldn’t do this easily without assistance. To solve this, i stuck sticks of 3mm balsa down to make a frame around which I can create the plinth. The end result I’m extremely pleased with as even though the edging isnt straight, these are stones after all, so its never going to be. Rather than carving the stone gaps in while the clay is wet, I’ve decided to do it after the fact, I imagine I may get a cleaner line from doing it that way.

I tend to do work in progress shots as black and white, but I’ve left these coloured so you can see the differences more easily.


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