Titan Forge

I bought a few miniatures a few months ago from Titan Forge to expand my Vampire Counts army. I’ve been looking for some fell bats and spirit hosts, but the GW models for these are ancient and ugly,  so I wanted to get some decent substitutes for them. Titan forge produces some stunning models in there ranges, but the one that caught my eye was the Drakskulls Menace, which are undead Orcs. I now have some flying squiggs and ghostly orcs/goblins to complement my army, and it ticks the boxes in many ways as my other army are Orc & Goblins. I purchased them through The Outpost as it worked out cheaper with the postage and discounts.

Today I finally got around to pinning and gluing them all together,  I’m really looking forward to painting these! I’ll post some pics of the ghosts once I’ve got those finished and pinned together, they’re currently drying after their wash.


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