The Last Week

Since getting back from the holidays I’ve not been feeling too great so there has been little work done on any miniatures. I have managed to start on the Mortis Engine for my VC though which is great news as it’s been sat around for a fair while collecting dust, mainly due to a lack of inspiration combined with being intimidated by it’s size.

I have however been somewhat distracted from my VC progress as of the 22nd due to the arrival of the brand new Chain of Command ruleset from Too Fat Lardies, it’s a platoon level war game so can be played with the 28mm bolt action army I’ve been slowly putting together. Having read through the rules I’m very keen to give it a shot as there appears to be a lot more depth to it than in BA and it enhances some of the areas I feel BA is lacking such as vehicle combat. It also has a really interesting activation phase for the units. it needs a few more troops than I had purchased for BA, so I’m building the 25 from the germany pack but have now got on order some additional men and a 5cm mortar  (my 80mm is redundant in CoC as it’s off table). I was going to order another sprue of germans, but I hate putting these little buggers together so I got the metal single figures warlord do plus it’ll add some variety.

Bolt Action Germans


Completed Fell Bats

I’ve been away on holiday since the last post, but I’m not back and as today was a day off, I got into a bit more painting. The fell bats are now complete and my VC army continues to expand further!

Fell Bats

Spirit Host Goblins

Well I’ve finished the goblin part of my spirit host miniatures. I’m really happy with these models, they’ve come out nicer than I expected. Painting one colour is a lot easier I must admit, but it gave me a great opportunity to abuse my wet palette as you can see in the bottom photo. Knowing that the paints won’t dry out quickly gives me a lot more confidence to take my time with the miniature. Next up will be the orc ghosts which will make the central spirit host character, shouldn’t take too long, it’s not much different from these, just more of him!

Base wise I’m aware spirit host should be a 40mm base, so I’m just going to run these with 3 next to one another. Not gluing them together give some opportunities to use them elsewhere if I so decide.

Spirit Host (2 of 2)

Spirit Host (1 of 2)