The Last Week

Since getting back from the holidays I’ve not been feeling too great so there has been little work done on any miniatures. I have managed to start on the Mortis Engine for my VC though which is great news as it’s been sat around for a fair while collecting dust, mainly due to a lack of inspiration combined with being intimidated by it’s size.

I have however been somewhat distracted from my VC progress as of the 22nd due to the arrival of the brand new Chain of Command ruleset from Too Fat Lardies, it’s a platoon level war game so can be played with the 28mm bolt action army I’ve been slowly putting together. Having read through the rules I’m very keen to give it a shot as there appears to be a lot more depth to it than in BA and it enhances some of the areas I feel BA is lacking such as vehicle combat. It also has a really interesting activation phase for the units. it needs a few more troops than I had purchased for BA, so I’m building the 25 from the germany pack but have now got on order some additional men and a 5cm mortar  (my 80mm is redundant in CoC as it’s off table). I was going to order another sprue of germans, but I hate putting these little buggers together so I got the metal single figures warlord do plus it’ll add some variety.

Bolt Action Germans


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