Chain of Command First Impressions

Last night saw our first game of Chain of Command, which inevitably was 50% playing and 50% referring to the manual. First impressions are very good though with the mechanics on offer giving much more tactical depth than Bolt Action.

We managed to get one whole turn in, which took us around 2hrs to play but was sufficient to give us an overview of the mechanics and give a point of reference for the rules.

The patrol phase was a fun mechanic, but neither of us felt comfortable we were doing anything tactical at this point, but I’m sure that will come through once we get more familiar with the mechanic.

Unit activation is great, although it took us some time getting used to how they activated and the differences between section and team activations.

The vehicle rules are much more enjoyable than BA, in which a single shot can take out a whole vehicle quite quickly thus making your investment of £20/200pts completely redundant in a matter of minutes! CoC handles things in a much more fun way which includes lots of dice rolls (13 from my panzerschreck) and then dependent on how many hits get through, a randomised effect on the target vehicle. In this case, I got 2 hits through onto Andy’s bren carrier which then caused it to reverse and take 3 shock, which effectively disables it until he rallies it, lovely!

Overall, a very enjoyable game and can’t wait to have another crack at it.


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