What’s been going on?

So November last year I moved house, and with the distractions of solicitors and a rather long list of DIY, the blog ended up at the bottom of the things to do list. The hobby however did continue and my painting list has been updated rather substantially, especially with regard to my WW2 Germans. Sadly I’ve been extremely lax in taking photographs so I have nothing to show for work in progress.

In other news, as the german army is almost complete and I’m reaching the end of my painting backlog, we’ve started to investigate other periods/scales. Baccus minis were kind enough to send us some 6mm models to trial out, but Andy absolutely hates painting them and I’ve got to say I wasn’t a major fan of it either but I’ll persevere for the moment. We’ve also asked for some samples from Pendrakon which are 10mm so hopefully easier to paint while still having a relatively similar cost ratio to the 6mm.

Periods we’re looking into? Well, everything pretty much – my prime interests are smaller scale for a change of pace on the painting front (i’ve done 28mm for what seems forever). And preferably historical of some kind. We’re currently focusing on two areas, with Andy researching ancients and myself researching 18th century conflicts, mainly the 7 year war.

Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of taking photos soon and will get some in progress shots up onto the website.


One thought on “What’s been going on?

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who hated the 6mm
    Currently sticking the 10mm ancients on a strip base to have a crack at painting

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