10mm Romans

Well I stated on the 11th that I was trying to ensure I painted at least 15 mins each day to keep on top of things and so far so good, I may not have quite hit 15 mins every day, but there has been at least 10 mins. Tonight I’ve even managed nearly an hour as Izzy is fast asleep for a change and not on me!

I’ve managed to build the 38t, construct the T-34 and primer and start work on some Roman republican Hastati in 10mm as well as almost finishing the warhammer Giant. The ancients have been a bit of fun as not only am I trying out 10mm, I also wanted to take the opportunity to break away from my reliance on citadel primer. Based on some lead adventure suggestions I popped down to Halfords to get a couple of cans of grey and white primer and I am so far mightily impressed with them. Usually I use black as that’s how I’ve always done it and I have painful memories of painting in my teens with white and never seeming to be able to get it all painted over. Times have moved on though and my skills one hopes have improved so I felt it was time to try a lighter colour which is more important for such small minis. After priming a selection in white and some in grey, I’ve found that grey gives me a much more contrasted surface to paint with and just feels so much nicer. It takes some metals without the need for a black base and doesn’t stick out too harshly if missed in a gap.  I’ll save the white for another project I have in the works.

Grey Primed 10mm Ancients

Grey Primed 10mm Ancients

White Primed 10mm Ancients


Giant Almost Done


A quick update with progress on the giant, it’s almost done now – I could probably keep on highlighting and tweaking for ages but I need to move on to something else and tabletop wise I’m happy with the quality. Added tattoos tonight and did some more base work.

I have also managed to get a bit of painting done every day so far, even if that is 10mins putting the uniform onto a marine at 11:30 at night, it still counts.



New Acquisitions

Painting has been intermittent over the last couple of weeks, but there was a good reason for that, the arrival of my new baby girl. No pics sorry, this is a blog for miniatures and although she is one, unless she gets a coat of paint she won’t be appearing on here.

What progress I have made has been mainly on the warhammer giant I’ve had for over a year now (useful having a blog to check things!), I’m really enjoying painting this at the moment as I’m breaking from my usual style of base coating everything and then highlighting in turn. I’ve done a large portion of the base coats but I’m spending more time getting shading/highlights in on a specific section before moving on. I’m finding it easier to break up the large model and because its largely patchwork it’s an easy one to break up. I just need to overcome my constant fear of accidentaly painting over a shaded/highlighted area while I’m carelessly base coating another!

Tank wise the Panzer III is now pretty much done, I’m just waiting on the arrival of some decals from warlord to add the finishing touches to it. I went with dunkelgrau in the end as I prefer painting it and the tank was used heavily in both early and mid war so I should be fine with that from a historical point of view.

Marines wise I think I’m there on my colour choice, I’ve finalised the bases paint wise at least, I just need to work out what vegetation etc is going on it. Someone suggested fish tank plants for jungle leaves but I’ve yet to find any I like or that feel the right scale. I might have to pop to a craft store to see about fabric plants.