10mm Pendraken Romans

Finished painting some of my cavalry and fancied entering these in the pendraken competition:




To Infinity and beyond!

What a dreadful title.

But fitting, because I’ve been making some Infinity terrain for Andy over the past few months. There were two batches of terrain made, with the first set being some silos of various shapes and sizes. The flat ones were made out of a pringles tin, and the tall water silo was made out of foamcore.

I found the process quite educational because unlike fantasy terrain, sci-fi tends to be much more straight edges and flat surfaces. This made painting them more difficult because I had no patterns/texture to pick the detail out of on the flat surfaces. Annoyingly I appear to have not taken a final image of all of these pieces, so you’ll have to guess on some of them!

The second batch of terrain I made was from yoghurt pots, this was just a collection of small silos. I splashed out on some car repair mesh for the platform, and edged this with PVA glue, which gives a nice impression of it being welded on (and the added benefit of hiding the skin serating edges).


A quick project

So I’ve wanted T’Zolkin for over a year now, infact it was on my possible purchase list when we went to the UK Game Expo in 2013. So after triples 2014, when I had a little bit of budget left I decided to splurge out and buy it. Now, nearly 7 months later, I still haven’t played it… but I am finally ready to play it.

Because the centre of the disc required a sticker, I cut out a piece of plasticard to fit size, hand-painted the face on and stuck it down with double-sided tape. Not a huge fan of it, it looks amateurish, but I figure I can replace it at a later date if i wish.

A Shed

So dampf released the second book in his building wargames series and i promptly purchased it as quickly as feasible. I even requested if possible to get signed copy #19 so i had a matching set and dampf kindly obliged, such a nice chap!

Inspired by the book, I decided to have a go at one of the simpler projects and started to build myself a small shed. Hopefully it’ll be useful in most of the games I play so I’m going to avoid any period specific things on it. As a nice touch, I decided to build the initial block of the building out of the packaging the book had arrived in.

10mm Romans

Well I stated on the 11th that I was trying to ensure I painted at least 15 mins each day to keep on top of things and so far so good, I may not have quite hit 15 mins every day, but there has been at least 10 mins. Tonight I’ve even managed nearly an hour as Izzy is fast asleep for a change and not on me!

I’ve managed to build the 38t, construct the T-34 and primer and start work on some Roman republican Hastati in 10mm as well as almost finishing the warhammer Giant. The ancients have been a bit of fun as not only am I trying out 10mm, I also wanted to take the opportunity to break away from my reliance on citadel primer. Based on some lead adventure suggestions I popped down to Halfords to get a couple of cans of grey and white primer and I am so far mightily impressed with them. Usually I use black as that’s how I’ve always done it and I have painful memories of painting in my teens with white and never seeming to be able to get it all painted over. Times have moved on though and my skills one hopes have improved so I felt it was time to try a lighter colour which is more important for such small minis. After priming a selection in white and some in grey, I’ve found that grey gives me a much more contrasted surface to paint with and just feels so much nicer. It takes some metals without the need for a black base and doesn’t stick out too harshly if missed in a gap.  I’ll save the white for another project I have in the works.

Grey Primed 10mm Ancients

Grey Primed 10mm Ancients

White Primed 10mm Ancients

Giant Almost Done


A quick update with progress on the giant, it’s almost done now – I could probably keep on highlighting and tweaking for ages but I need to move on to something else and tabletop wise I’m happy with the quality. Added tattoos tonight and did some more base work.

I have also managed to get a bit of painting done every day so far, even if that is 10mins putting the uniform onto a marine at 11:30 at night, it still counts.