Game of Thrones

On wednesday night we had a 3 player game of the Game of Thrones board game (2nd Ed). This was my second playthrough of the game, and we managed to grasp all of the rules this time (such as mustering with a starred consolidate power). Add to that the westeros cards were a lot nicer with a fair few musters being triggered there, unlike the previous game which seemed to just be supply and dudd cards.

I played House Baratheon, and in an early play attempted to sail up the east coast to get access to the territories that way. House Stark put a quick stop to that though, and I never really tried to push that any further. Cue a few rounds of all 3 houses claiming nearby territories and me striking up an uneasy alliance with House Lannister (you can never trust those dirty lannister’s). The truce was broken though when lannister placed a march +1 order down on the border next to my region, a clear declaration of intent. Thankfully I had the first turn, so immediately destroyed that unit. While this was occuring, house stark made incursions into the eyrie and took out some of my units there.

Game of Thrones

Lannister was my saviour in the end though, as they pushed into stark lands, forcing the troops in the eyrie to head home and reclaim territories which in turn removed the threat from my eastern flank. It was neck or neck at this point, with 6 victories for myself and stark. The push north from lannister though had weakened their defences, so I decided to load up on siege engines and push for lanisport, taking it easily and winning the game.

Overall, this was potentially one of the best most fraught boardgames i’ve played in a long time, and had a superb time playing it. More please!



I was staying with family this weekend. But still managed to get a game of netrunner in. Probably the best game I’ve had to date as it came right down to the wire with one agenda card as we both had 6 points each.

Discovered we’d been playing strength wrong on the cards, in that you have to increase the strength of every program you intend to interact with an ICE with. Before I was playing it so if you increased the strength of one program, that was sufficient to use any programs abilities on the ICE. Another one of those subtleties in the rules/cards, this game is full of them and it’s great, I just don’t get to play it anywhere near enough.