Andy’s commissioned me to do some WW2 terrain for him, before I started on the main pieces I thought I’d do a quick entrenchment to get an idea of the style I’m going for. I’m pretty happy with the end result, just needs a coating of fixer to toughen it up a little.

Entrenchment (1 of 2) Entrenchment (2 of 2)


Chain of Command First Impressions

Last night saw our first game of Chain of Command, which inevitably was 50% playing and 50% referring to the manual. First impressions are very good though with the mechanics on offer giving much more tactical depth than Bolt Action.

We managed to get one whole turn in, which took us around 2hrs to play but was sufficient to give us an overview of the mechanics and give a point of reference for the rules.

The patrol phase was a fun mechanic, but neither of us felt comfortable we were doing anything tactical at this point, but I’m sure that will come through once we get more familiar with the mechanic.

Unit activation is great, although it took us some time getting used to how they activated and the differences between section and team activations.

The vehicle rules are much more enjoyable than BA, in which a single shot can take out a whole vehicle quite quickly thus making your investment of £20/200pts completely redundant in a matter of minutes! CoC handles things in a much more fun way which includes lots of dice rolls (13 from my panzerschreck) and then dependent on how many hits get through, a randomised effect on the target vehicle. In this case, I got 2 hits through onto Andy’s bren carrier which then caused it to reverse and take 3 shock, which effectively disables it until he rallies it, lovely!

Overall, a very enjoyable game and can’t wait to have another crack at it.

The Last Week

Since getting back from the holidays I’ve not been feeling too great so there has been little work done on any miniatures. I have managed to start on the Mortis Engine for my VC though which is great news as it’s been sat around for a fair while collecting dust, mainly due to a lack of inspiration combined with being intimidated by it’s size.

I have however been somewhat distracted from my VC progress as of the 22nd due to the arrival of the brand new Chain of Command ruleset from Too Fat Lardies, it’s a platoon level war game so can be played with the 28mm bolt action army I’ve been slowly putting together. Having read through the rules I’m very keen to give it a shot as there appears to be a lot more depth to it than in BA and it enhances some of the areas I feel BA is lacking such as vehicle combat. It also has a really interesting activation phase for the units. it needs a few more troops than I had purchased for BA, so I’m building the 25 from the germany pack but have now got on order some additional men and a 5cm mortar  (my 80mm is redundant in CoC as it’s off table). I was going to order another sprue of germans, but I hate putting these little buggers together so I got the metal single figures warlord do plus it’ll add some variety.

Bolt Action Germans

Warlord games day

I was meant to be going to warlord’s games day today, but due to work commitments was unable to attend. Andy went though and I gave him a shopping list. Now to go collect it as soon as possible.



This list includes:

Bolt Action German Army:

German Infantry
81mm Mortar Team
Stg44 Sprues
Leig 18

And The Servants of Ra for INHM, should I try another 5 day paint challenge? 🙂

A Proxy Night of Bolt Action

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get a war-game in, but last night it was round to Andy’s and a proxy game of Bolt Action. We’ve both had the rulebooks a while now, and have already had a blast playing a proxy game previously with just infantry, but it was time to try out some of the vehicles before deciding on whether to go ahead and get an army. My german force was proxied by the tau empire, and the russians were played by the imperial guard, a relatively good fit! As it’s been a while we were a little rusty on the rules, so we spent a lot of time referring back to the rulebook to see if we were doing things correctly, and as we were taking transports/at guns and tanks into the fray this time, that just compounded the amount of rule referral needed.

Anyway, long story short – My tank was blown up on andy’s first go, infantry didn’t have a huge amount of combat, and I accidentally towed my AT gun AND transported troops in the hanomag. As much as I like tanks, I’m not sure bolt action is really good for them – the infantry game was by far superior.

I’m still keen to look into a bolt action army, but I will attempt to finish my VC army first.