Giant Almost Done


A quick update with progress on the giant, it’s almost done now – I could probably keep on highlighting and tweaking for ages but I need to move on to something else and tabletop wise I’m happy with the quality. Added tattoos tonight and did some more base work.

I have also managed to get a bit of painting done every day so far, even if that is 10mins putting the uniform onto a marine at 11:30 at night, it still counts.




A slight diversion

Having spent the majority of the last few months either moving house or painting germans, I felt I needed a little change. And as I’ve just finished my German army (excluding the Panzer III Ausf J I “accidentally” ordered) and with getting a little frustrated trying to pin down the paint scheme for my USMC force, I thought I’d finish up the Orc Chariot my wonderful wife bought me last year.

It was nice to focus specifically on one model and the freedom of having a more open palette for colours was tremendously refreshing, ironic considering that a freer palette in itself can be a burden when trying to come up with a new scheme for something. I also cracked open the kolinsky brushes I’d been sitting on since buying them at Fiasco last year, they are a joy to use but I’m feeling rather nervous about ruining them like I do with so many other brushes. I’ve ordered some Zest-It – Acrylic Brush Cleaner & Reviver in the hope of keeping more of my brushes on the cleaner side.

Warhammer VC vs HE 1500pt

I’ve not had a game of warhammer in quite a while now, easily over a month if not two. Last night I played a 1500pt game using my VC army vs High Elves, and it was a nice surprise to realise 90% of my army was fully painted! Only having to sub in some proxy skeletons and Terry being unpainted.

Turn One

I got first turn which allowed me to push forward all my units and get my vargheists/terrorgheist in position to charge on the next go. I did have the opportunity as always to fly Terry  near enemy lines and death shriek, but that exposes him to a charge and I wasn’t prepared to take that on the first go.

Magic phase saw me cast Curse of Years on a double 6, which with a roll of five triggered a Calamitous Detonation right over my necromancer and vampire general, oops! That’ll teach me to foolishly place them close to one another. The necromancer thankfully wasn’t hit (roll of 1!), but the vampire took 1 damage and I lost 7 skeletons from the necro’s unit. With that triggered I now had the ability to chip away on the HE phoenix guard unit containing Caladrion (cant’ recall his name, we call him clive).

With that turn over, it was the HE’s turn which ended up in two failed charges from the chariot and cavalry, a tempest spell went off, but veered out of reach of any units and the archers taking out a few skeletons, not a great start turn. HE’s opted not to push units into charging range of my units.

Turn Two

My second turn saw me charge Terry into the cavalry unit, my vargheists went for the chariot and I placed my spirit host in front of the phoenix guard unit containing caladrion. The rest of my units moved another 8″ to get closer.

In the magic phase I cast Dance Macabre with area effect which went off allowing all my units to reroll failed to hits. Curse of years also triggered at 4+ killing a couple of HE.

Shooting phase, Terry used his death shriek to take out one rider, fun but could have done more really, damn that high leadership!  Close combat saw the chariot being wiped out but killing one of my vargheists, they then overrun to take up a flanking position on the phoenix guard unit. Terry took one wound and dealt one back, a fairly mediocre combat round there.

The high elves responded with charging the PG unit with Clive into my spirit host, trouncing it and charging on into my Grave guard unit, the re-direct from the spirit host had been useful as it kept my skeletons and the necromancer who’d cast Curse of Years out of combat with caladrion again, allowing the spell to get stronger. They also charged the second PG unit into Terry’s flank and the archers into my vargheists.

The magic phase was empty as all spells were direct damage and most units were now in combat. Curse of years however did trigger on a 3+ which meant 4-5 PG were slain before combat even started.  The close combat saw a number of grave guard taken out and the PG lost a few units. CR was lost by the Grave Guard who crumbled 1 unit. The combat with Terry saw 1 wounds inflicted on him, but he kept his own and took out a few riders. My vargheists were taken down by the archers without inflicting huge amount of damage.

Turn Three

My skeleton unit charged into the flank of the PG/Clive unit and my crypt ghouls sadly never saw combat due to being blocked by terry and another unit.

Magic phase saw my vampire roll Triple 6 Dance Macabre and once again getting a 5 on the miscast table. Again this was over my necromancer and general (when will i learn!) this then took out my vampire and wounded the necromancer (still going!). I lost 7 grave guard, and due to general being slain, this took terry out after a miserable leadership test, all other units amazingly survived the crumble.

Close combat saw GG & Skels vs PG result in a win from the GG with the PG fleeing and being caught, triggering end of game as HE resigned.


Overall, I had an enjoyable game, HE would argue it was a completely one sided affair, but I think had the luck run differently it could have gone either way. Curse of years did me a big favour in taking out the main PG/Clive unit, and the vargheists did a good job of picking apart the chariot.