A quick project

So I’ve wanted T’Zolkin for over a year now, infact it was on my possible purchase list when we went to the UK Game Expo in 2013. So after triples 2014, when I had a little bit of budget left I decided to splurge out and buy it. Now, nearly 7 months later, I still haven’t played it… but I am finally ready to play it.

Because the centre of the disc required a sticker, I cut out a piece of plasticard to fit size, hand-painted the face on and stuck it down with double-sided tape. Not a huge fan of it, it looks amateurish, but I figure I can replace it at a later date if i wish.


First Late War German

I’ve had these miniatures since the warlord games day but have put off painting them in the hope of finishing as much of my backlog as possible. Well, after two games of Chain of Command and the enthusiasm I have for that I couldn’t resist painting up one of the germans to see how they’d look. The paints still wet and I’ve not completely done with it yet, but I’m fairly happy with the first take. I tried to get a shot of the equipment but the camera battery died on me. Enjoy