To Infinity and beyond!

What a dreadful title.

But fitting, because I’ve been making some Infinity terrain for Andy over the past few months. There were two batches of terrain made, with the first set being some silos of various shapes and sizes. The flat ones were made out of a pringles tin, and the tall water silo was made out of foamcore.

I found the process quite educational because unlike fantasy terrain, sci-fi tends to be much more straight edges and flat surfaces. This made painting them more difficult because I had no patterns/texture to pick the detail out of on the flat surfaces. Annoyingly I appear to have not taken a final image of all of these pieces, so you’ll have to guess on some of them!

The second batch of terrain I made was from yoghurt pots, this was just a collection of small silos. I splashed out on some car repair mesh for the platform, and edged this with PVA glue, which gives a nice impression of it being welded on (and the added benefit of hiding the skin serating edges).