Ghostly Goblin

Just a quick picture of one of the titan forge goblins, i’ve not gone as bright as their colour scheme, but I’m pretty happy with it, and it will be something I use throughout for my ghostly theme – I just hope it doesn’t clash too much with the purple.Blog-220


Warlord games day

I was meant to be going to warlord’s games day today, but due to work commitments was unable to attend. Andy went though and I gave him a shopping list. Now to go collect it as soon as possible.



This list includes:

Bolt Action German Army:

German Infantry
81mm Mortar Team
Stg44 Sprues
Leig 18

And The Servants of Ra for INHM, should I try another 5 day paint challenge? 🙂

Titan Forge

I bought a few miniatures a few months ago from Titan Forge to expand my Vampire Counts army. I’ve been looking for some fell bats and spirit hosts, but the GW models for these are ancient and ugly,  so I wanted to get some decent substitutes for them. Titan forge produces some stunning models in there ranges, but the one that caught my eye was the Drakskulls Menace, which are undead Orcs. I now have some flying squiggs and ghostly orcs/goblins to complement my army, and it ticks the boxes in many ways as my other army are Orc & Goblins. I purchased them through The Outpost as it worked out cheaper with the postage and discounts.

Today I finally got around to pinning and gluing them all together,  I’m really looking forward to painting these! I’ll post some pics of the ghosts once I’ve got those finished and pinned together, they’re currently drying after their wash.

Skeleton Reinforcements

I currently have 20 skeletons in my Vampire Counts army, but as I usually run them in rows of 6, I was generally subbing them with some of my many zombies. Cue a box of 10 extras to let me run 2 more full rows 😀 Finished these tonight, so the backlog is reducing ever so slightly..

Church: Day 7 & 8

Yesterday I spent time finishing off the floor of the church, doing the stone tiling in sections. Today, after deciding that trying to get the church body flush with the base as it stands with all the lumps and bumps of the tiles was going to be a difficult task. So I decided to create a stone plinth on which to place the church, the benefits of this being that I have a pretty flat surface to put the church on, as well as it giving more depth to the interior/exterior with the ledge around all the walls.

I wanted to ensure I got a uniform height throughout, and having worked with the clay for a few days now I knew I couldn’t do this easily without assistance. To solve this, i stuck sticks of 3mm balsa down to make a frame around which I can create the plinth. The end result I’m extremely pleased with as even though the edging isnt straight, these are stones after all, so its never going to be. Rather than carving the stone gaps in while the clay is wet, I’ve decided to do it after the fact, I imagine I may get a cleaner line from doing it that way.

I tend to do work in progress shots as black and white, but I’ve left these coloured so you can see the differences more easily.

Isabella Von Carstein

I’ve had Isabella for a long time now, but I’ve kept putting off painting it, mainly due to the detail levels on the mini. The head being the main culprit, with the very fine threads, it seemed too challenging. Anyway, after the vargheists were finished I wanted something less tedious to paint, and embarked on painting Isabella. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, although the skin isn’t great – I’m not so good at the undead skin, and it came up a bit chalky. The hairpiece I’m extremely chuffed with though, and the flowers on the dress look rather pretty, the photos don’t really do them justice. I loved finding more and more detail as I painted the miniature, like the hairpiece in her bob is a spinal column, thats a brilliant touch.


I received a parcel in the mail today from Gran Canaria and was rather baffled who was posting me things from there. Turns out it was the ramshackle games order I placed last week! Slightly bizarre as its a uk website and you pay in GBP with free shipping.

Anyway, as you can see, its mostly a selection of wheels, and a few tank hatches (and a driver) to the top left. My intent is to convert the washing liquid ball that you see in the top right into some kind of tank for In Her Majesty’s Name. The quality of the plastic is a little rough around the edges, and its made from a very hard resin, which appears to be coated in a very shiny and slightly sticky surface. It also pongs! These are going to need some cleaning up and washing, but for £10.50 for the whole lot of bits and pieces, you can’t go wrong really.

Ramshackle Wheels